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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was founded by Kulapathi Dr. K. M. Munshi on 7th November 1938, with the blessings of the father of our nation. It has among its founder members Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. S. Radha Krishnan, Rajaji and many other eminent personalities of India.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan epitomises the philosophy of Dr. K. M. Munshi and his message to the contemporary world. Proud of his descent from the sage Bhrigu, he had being trying to attune the good and the lasting India's past heritage to the needs of the present.

On his first visit to Bhavan, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru observed, "Bhavan's activities cover all aspects of life form cradle to grave and beyond."

The earliest departments to be started by the Bhavan at the time of inauguration were those of Sanskrit, Comparative Philology, Prakrit Languages, Gujarati, Hindi, Indialn History and Bhagvata Dharma.

Now, the Bhavan is like a giant banyan tree with hundreds of roots in many places in the country and even abroad comprising of thousands of employees, scholars and lakhs of students. Visakha Kendra, one of the Kendras of Bhavan – situated in Andhra Pradesh, was established in 1976.

Our Bhavan's School was started in the year 1994.

Aim: Our school's main aim is to enable young hearts and minds to gradually learn, appreciate and absorb our tradition and culture.

Goal: its goal is to revitalize Dharma or the moral law in its three forms truth, love and beauty. (Satyam, Shivam & Sundaram) Curriculum: Andhra Pradesh State Board syllabus is being followed and English is the medium of instruction.


Chaiman's Message

Shri M. T. Krishnababu,

I am happy to learn that Bhatatiya Vidya Bhavan School is bringing out its newsletter forthe session 2016-17-BHARATIYA VIDYA TRADITION AND CULTURE (JNANA VARSHINI).

Each issue of our school NEWS LETTER is a milestone that marks our growth, unflods our imaginations, and gives life to our thoughts and aspirations. I congratulate the entire team for their hard work and dedication in this regrad.

I extend my greetings and best wishes to the teachers and students of the School and wish everybody's success in this endeavor.


Correspondent's Message

Sri T.S.R.Prasad,

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has come a long way since its inception in 1994. I am very happy that the Vizag Bhavan's School is doing one word together work and thr principal and staff deserve an appreciation for upholding the values dear to the founder Shri K.M.Munshiji with responsibility, discipline and co-operation.

My good wishes to the Principal, staff and students on the auspicious occasion of the 23rd Annual Day Celebration "Samaikya - 2017" and the release of the fourth news letter of the school JNANA VARSHINI.


Principal's Talk

Mrs. M. Padmaja,

I take this opportunity to thank Hon. Chairman, Hon. Vice Chairman Committee Members, Parents and Students of the school and extend my wishes to the staff to have come up with our 4th news letter JNANA VARSHINI on the joyous occasion of our 23rd Annual School Day. Our school remains true to the spirit of Bhavan's Ideals displaying discipline, co-operation and sense of responsibility among its pupil. A special mention of the dedicated staff and students of the school without whose collective effort the success would not have been possible.

I am sure the school will lead to many credible achievements ahead.